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Lw Pall Försäljning AB - English
Lw Pall Logo
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Welcome to LW Pall!

Lw Pall is a family business run and owned by Mikael Gustafsson since 1997.

Our main business is buying, repairing and selling pallets.

If you have any questions dont hesitate to contact us at:
+46 240 25 233. Or send us an E-mail: info@lwpall.se
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NYHET! Nu har vi BRÄNSLEPELLETS (8 mm, kvalitet 1, 16kg per säck) Kontakta oss för aktuellt pris. Välkommen till Brädgår´n!
Adress: Faluvägen 187, 771 92 Ludvika | Telefon: 0240-25233 | Fax: 0240-25390 | E-post: info@lwpall.se
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